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Publishing activities of the ROOISB "ASTOM"


Publishing activities of the ROOISB "ASTOM"
   The organisation ASTOM actively cooperates with mass media, leads active public education campaign. 16 informative  articles were published in newspapers and magazines including international ones. The brochures devoted to the activity of ASTOM have been edited in Russian and English for four times. The following guides for ostomists were published: 'Rehabilitation of ostomy patients. Problems and Solutions', 'Social rehabilitation of ostomy patients. Problems and Solutions', 'Diet of ostomy patients'. Such educational materials as 'Social rehabilitation of ostomy patients', 'Complex rehabilitation of ostomy patients in Moscow' were published for specialists in the sphere of rehabilitation of ostomy patients and social protection. The chapter 'Social and medical rehabilitation of ostomy patients' was included into the students-book for students specializing in social work. ASTOM published more70 scientific articles on social aspects of ostomy patients  rehabilitation. The dissertation on 'Social rehabilitation of ostomy patients in modern Russia: the social aspect' was defended.
The scientific booklets 'Social rehabilitation of ostomy patients', 'Rehabilitation aid for people with limited abilities' and 'From exclusion to inclusion through innovative rehabilitation (as exemplified by the individuals with an intestinal or ureteral stoma)' were published in 2006, 2007, 2010 and 2013 respectively. 
In 2008 the new social magazine related to ostomy problems “ASTOM. Guide on active life” started being published.
In 2009 the organisation ASTOM  participated in the unique joint project on publication of the book 'Home care for patients', stating the main principles of caring for both young and elderly people at home. The book was published with participation of ROOISB "ASTOM", LLC "SCA Hygiene Products Russia", the companies "Coloplast A/S" and "ConvaTec".
In 2007 the joint edition 'Theory of improvement of the Russian society', including the chapter in Korean 'Technology of rehabilitation assistance for ostomy patients' written by V. Suchanov, was issued in the frameworks of cooperation between the RSU of Tourism and Service and the South Korean University of Medicine.
In 2011 the Organisation ASTOM  jointly with the Institute of Nutrition RAMS and with assistance of the companies "Coloplast A/S" (Denmark) and "ConvaTec" (USA) prepared and published 'Tasty ideas for ostomy patients', the unique specialised book on nutrition for people with a stoma.